Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How To Positively Change Your Life With Reiki And The Law Of Attraction

Has The Secret got you thinking consciously yet? Messengers of hope and positive news.

Finally, I can express gratitude to God for the truth that we are awakening as humanity to the truth of who we are and the power that we hold as the conscious creators of our lives and our world. This invaluable wisdom we have seeked, to empower ourselves to create better lives and realities has been revealed and is being valued and accepted. Larry King, Ellen Degeneres and even Oprah Winfrey have opened their minds to enlightening others to the wisdom held within The Secret that thankfully is not such a secret anymore.

Now everyone is excited to hear about this Universal principal and truth which states that we can create whatever we want by simply changing our thoughts, words, action and feelings. The Law of Attraction tells us that since like attracts like all we have to do to get what we want is align vibrationally, by expressing gratitude and focusing on what we want versus what we dont want.

Whatever you are experiencing currently in your life is a direct result of the thoughts which youve play through your mind. Your thoughts are real energies which manifest your life and quality of health and happiness. Whatever you are focusing on is what you are creating. Take the time to stop yourself throughout the day and pay attention to what you are focusing on. Are your thoughts positive or negative? Are you focusing on the positive life and quality of heal5B0th that you wish to experience or on what you have currently created for yourself?

The key to making positive change within your life is to consciously discipline your mind to focus on what it is that you wish to create for your life vs. what you have presently created. Would you like to create the life of your dreams?

Heres more good news, not only do we have the power to create the life of our dreams, but we also have the power to amplify and boost our ability to create that happy life and level of health we desire even faster by boosting and amplifying our manifesting abilities through the power of Reiki.

Truth is we are energy; our thoughts, bodies and souls are energy which interact with the universal law of attraction, which is stated within the Secret. We hold the power through Reiki to boost our energy levels and manifesting abilities with Reiki. What is Reiki you ask?

Reiki is an ancient Chinese healing tradition which is natural safe and organic, based upon the true concept that we are energy.

It is through the power of Reiki that we hold the keys to not only boost our energy, manifesting and stamina levels, but we also can empower ourselves to take control of our own health on all levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually as well. If this sounds of interest to you, then Reiki is for you.

Reiki truly is the best gift you could ever give to yourself or anyone else.897

It is easy, safe and highly effective in treating any ailment on the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level within ourselves. Reiki treats the whole of who we are, body, mind and spirit.

If you would like to learn more about which I speak simply phone Lori at 480-332-9190 or you may visit Healwithlori.com or e-mail Lr444k@cox.net.

I am here to assist you to learn and remember the truth of who you are and to help you take control of your life and health.

Lori Keeley, HHCP
(Nationally Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor/Practitioner in Holistic Psychology)
Reiki Master Teacher
Through Positive-Change Hypnotherapy, Holistic Psychology/Spiritual Growth & Guidance and Reiki Healing Classes and Treatments, I can help you eliminate self sabotaging habits. Learn to manage stress, conquer addictions and improve the quality of your life. I can teach you essential skills for living a happy fulfilling life.

Discover how the therapeutic powers of Positive-Change Hypnosis, Holistic Psychology/Spiritual Growth & Guidance and Reiki healing can benefit your life and those around you by visiting me at http://healwithlori.com/

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