Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to Find Relationships Through the Law of Attraction

One of the most frequently asked questions for Lee and I at our lectures is how to find the perfect relationship through the Law of Attraction.

When searching for a mate or even a platonic friendship, it is important to take inventory of what you really want in the relationship that you seek. Find some quiet time and list the qualities that you would like in a significant other. Start with qualities. The outer appearance isn't important at the moment.

Write down every quality and every detail that you believe will make you happy. Choose the qualities that you would like; not the qualities your mom would prefer, or a certain outer appearance that you think your friends would envy. The only relationship worth having is one that gives you the unadulterated joy you deserve.

Once you have collected your list, take time to create a scenario featuring you and your significant other. See and feel yourself with your mate as you enjoy his/her company. Imagine meeting at the coffee shop in the morning before work. See and feel yourself eating together, watching movies together, w5A8alking on the beach or in the woods; whatever would make you happy with your other half. When you are visualizing your mate, try to envision his/her appearance; one that is pleasing to you, but don't put too much into the outer shell. Invest most of your thoughts and feelings into what the spirit of this soul mate is like.

Every day, visualize this person that is coming into your life. When people have problems manifesting relationships into their lives, it is usually traceable to impatience and doubt. This is the time when once you have visualized, and you know that the Universe is finding and bringing you what you want, you have to let it go. Let the Universe take care of the how and you just concentrate on your mate.

By letting the Universe take care of the how, it will bring back to you just what you have pictured, or better. If your visualization has holes in it, in other words, if your visualization is sketchy at best, the Universe will fill in the gaps as best as it can and ensuring that you may end up with some of the traits you visualized or perhaps none at all. It's important to get as much detail in the description of your mate as possible.

That said, you may be wondering why one shouldn't invest more of the visualization into the potential mate's appearance. When you concentrate on appearance, you are pigeonholing the Universe. There are many individuals in the world who match your vi5A8brations, and who exude the qualities you desire, but may not exactly match the outer shell that you think you want. You are missing out on a lot of opportunity if you pigeonhole the Universe into an exact physical model of a person. Let the Universe take care of you. Trust in the Universe but make sure to do your part.

At first you may meet people who have some of the qualities of what you have envisioned, but not all. You might even wonder if this is the person you should be with even though he or she isn't "the all" of who you wanted. The Universe usually brings you signs to tell you that it is working on your desire. The people who are matching some of the traits represent your signs and indicators. You may discover that they are the "one," or even that they may possibly know someone who truly is the one. The Universe moves people unconsciously toward one another. When that significant other comes into your life, he/she will be vibrating at the same rate as you and you will have your perfect mate for you.

It's time to start attracting your mate now.

Take the time to take care of your own self. When you love yourself, you are ready to love another. Relying on another to make your life whole will do just the opposite. You are the only one that can make you happy. Once you can be happy with yourself, you will begin to notice that many a person flocks to you. They will unconsciously attract to4C3 you because you are happy within yourself. Your significant other or the perfect friend is out there and is coming to you via the Law of Attraction. Make it easy.

Beth and her husband, Lee, are instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction to to attain whatever you desire in life.

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