Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The universe loves and will grant your desires

There is a lot of talk about this new skill called manifesting. Just yesterday I went to the bookstore and there had to have been twenty books about the subject. Where did all these new gurus come from? Why weren’t they publishing these books years ago?

So I browsed through a few and found them all giving general advice about living a goal oriented life. They just changed the title of their book so that the magic word manifesting was in it just to make a few sales.

Many of you know that manifesting is a skill that you can use to attract things into your life. You desire it, take a few steps, and your thought becomes a reality. Simple, huh? Well there is a big piece missing from those instructions and it has to do with timing.

There is a built in time delay on our requests to the universe, and a cancel order option too. You see the universe knows that sometimes people make wrong choices, so it had to include the time delay and the cancel ability when it created the law of a ttraction.

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