Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Getting the most out of your yoga routine

To get the most out of your yoga routine, take a few minutes and meditate to center yourself before you begin. If you're new to yoga, this will focus your mind and help you slip into those first yoga poses more easily. Already got the hang of those tricky postures? Starting your yoga sessions with a new meditation technique can keep you from getting in a rut and help you reach amazing levels of concentration during your poses.

Pre-meditated yoga

One great way to jump-start your yoga routine is to begin with powerful but quick object focus meditation. Choose a meditation tool, like the Zen St ick™, that will engage as many senses as possible. A meditation tool that looks beautiful, gives you something to touch or feel, has a pleasant smell, and can produce a repetitive sound will take your tired senses hostage! You'll forget all about the overstimulating world around you and find a perfect meditative state instantly.

More ideas for combining meditation and yoga

The same simple but effective meditation technique is a lifesaver when you're learning new, more challenging yoga poses or trying to perfect old ones. If you're getting frustrated or your mind is wandering during a particular pose, take a break, grab a meditation tool, and spend five minutes re-finding your focus. When you return to your yoga posture, your mind will be clear, your body more limber, and your frustrations long gone.
A relaxing cycle

Research done all over the world proves that meditation is achieved most quickly when multiple senses are satiated by a single focal point. Find a meditation tool that will engage your senses, and you'll be getting more out of your yoga in no time.

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