Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Will 25% Of Washington DC Move To San Francisco, CA Now?

Perhaps you are unaware but Washington DC has the highest of all homosexual populations. I guess you should not be too surprised of this. This figure may soon change since a San Francisco judge has overturned a ruling that would now allow homosexuals to become married. Now many folks in Cape Cod, Washington DC, Key West and other high density homosexual population areas may migrate.

Of course, this also opens up a whole new area of family law too, and homosexual family lawyers will also be moving to handle all the divorce cases. Can San Francisco handle the increased populations; it could become a huge inflow of people, perhaps in the millions estimates one alternative lifestyle demographer. One expert believes the numbers could be as high as 2-3 million gay-Americans moving into the San Francisco city/county.

Will other judges in other cases across the nation follow suit and will this dilute the flow of homosexual gay-Americans to San Francisco? What cities, counties or states will get this inflow in the future, right now that becomes a very big question and there is just no telling which high-profile cases might be overturned or come up in the future. Best guesses right now are that similar things will occur in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, Oregon and New York.

Times are changing and it is just a matter of time until gay-marriage in America becomes much more common. Some fear this change and worry about the family unit, others who are very religious cringe at these changes, however they are coming regardless and perhaps sooner than expected, this has many very alarmed.

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