Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Simplified Work

- Making Your Best Contribution
By: Enoch Tan

If you really want to grow your business you are going to have to answer a single question that almost no struggling entrepreneur ever asks themselves. You want to know what it is? Of course you do, so let's press on.

Now listen, don't let the simplicity of the question fool you because it'll be easy to dismiss it, but if you do, you'll never even achieve a fraction of what you are capable of. Ok, so here it is:

What Work Are You Willing To Leave Undone?

The sooner you realize that you can't read everything, nor can you cross off every item on your to do list the better. Because at that very moment you are forced to realize that you absolutely must prioritize no matter what.

You see, realizing you can't do everything helps you determine what you really must be doing, and realizing you can't read everything forces you to decide which information you must read.

Now if you are wondering how you make these difficult decisions, have no fear because the answer is simple. You have to know what you want and what you must do to get it. Once you know then you can make effective decisions about what you should be doing, who you should be talking to, and what you should be studying.

What's important is that we each make the best contribution we can. Ask yourself this: Are you currently making the best contribution you're capable of making? If the answer is clearly no, then there's no point in continuing on your current path, is there? Common sense suggests that if you know you're on the wrong path, you should stop walking. The longer you stay on the wrong path, the worse things are for all of us. Maybe it will take a few days to find the right path. Maybe it will take several years. But it's still better to be lost for several years than to be lost for a lifetime.

Why do we hold ourselves back from the best and settle for the good? Fear. We fear what it will be like to live on the edge of the best. Just imagine what it would feel like to be reading the very best book, doing the best workout, eating the best food, having the best job, enjoying the best relationship, living in the best house, driving the best car, having the best friends, living the best life.

If you're holding something that's just good while something better is easily within your grasp, then your good isn't really good at all. The good is the enemy of the best. You have to give up doing something good in order to do something better. Be willing to bypass many good things because they are just not good enough compared to what's best. You want to serve and help, but you want to serve and help in the best way you can.

You need to sacrifice the urgent for the important. Many a times, what's urgent is not really necessary to be dealt with after all. You need to go for what's best instead of what's good or even great. Do not forfeit the greater good by allowing yourself to be entangled with the lesser good.

Have you ever single-mindedly decided to pursue a goal or solve a problem and just as you were making progress on it something grabbed your attention and moved your focus away from what you were focused on? Then all of a sudden when you went back to try to focus in on it again, you felt like EVERYTHING backed up on you and you had even more problems or things to tend to or deal with first.

It is a myth that opportunity only comes along once in a life time. The truth is, it comes along every day. If you have a vision and a clearly defined goal for your business, you can now determine what opportunities compliment your goal and are congruent with your business goals or if the opportunity is really a cleverly disguised DISTRACTION.

Keep your eye on your goal and DO NOT allow outside distractions to pull your attention off of what you are aiming to achieve. The truth is, many of these distractions will come as HUGE opportunities presented with great marketing, the rest will come as your very own family and friends.

But, some opportunities must be seized. And if this one will help you do what you already want to do better, or are doing better, then you know to take advantage of this opportunity and achieve greater success or at a faster rate. Instead of chasing opportunities, pick your position. The one that works to your strengths and compliments your vision. The secret of success is to discipline your life so that you support your deepest purpose and minimize distractions and detours.

You need to be great at ONE thing and good at every thing else. Those that end up quitting, try to be "great at everything", and in the end are great at nothing and good at one thing, which is making no money at all.

It is very likely that you are the only person in your business with the capabilities and knowledge and skills to bring in new business, and making sure projects get completed. This is the only way your business prospers. When you don't do these things, they don't get done!

Focus on things that directly relate to improving the results of your immediate business. Leave other things aside if you want to see exponential growth faster. It is all a matter of balancing between closing yourself to other opportunities and opening yourself to them.

Stay focused and concentrate on your goal. In doing so, you will maintain your momentum and quickly achieve your dreams and desires. Let others waste their time on things that don't get any real work done, while you focus only on what's best and what's important.

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