Sunday, December 2, 2007

Important Life Questions

What is your purpose in life? Why are you here? Are you on the right path? What will it take to find true happiness? Are you in the right relationship? Why is your life filled with drama and trauma? Why is this (whatever) happening to you?

These are just a few of the thousands of haunting questions that millions of people ask themselves every day. Answers. Everyone wants answers to their life questions and they want them now.

What is your destiny?

Sooner or later you will ask yourself many of these and more difficult life questions. It may take you more than half of your life to decide to search for the answers or you may begin the search in earnest when you are in your teens or twenties. Regardless, I guarantee that everyone, before they leave this planet, will struggle with many unanswered questions. Most of these life questions are impartial to your gender, financial status, age, career, or any other circumstances.

There are no right or wrong answers to the many questions of your life. But there are honest and dishonest answers. Answers often come as insights, signs, intuition, and circumstances; they are not always written on a legal pad and placed on your kitchen table every morning at breakfast. Our inability to interpret these signs, signals, experiences, or circumstances correctly is what often leads us to our dishonest answers. It is not an intentional process, but an outcome of all of our previous years of living, decisions, choices, consequences, and outcomes, as well as our perceptions.

Dishonest answers can lead to errors in judgment, negative experiences, high stress, and frustration. Honest answers can lead to inner peace, joy, harmony, law of success, and happiness.

You can continue to live in conscious denial or you can choose to begin to ask yourself better questions and listen to the answers with integrity, openness, and courage.

Keep in mind that your life is a work in progress. The day will never come when you are not given the opportunity to learn, grow, understand, and change: who you are, what you believe, what you think, and what you do. The sub-title of this book says An On-going Success System. Why must it be ongoing? Why can’t you just spend a few hours simply answering the questions and be done with it? Your answers to many of the questions at age 25 will be different than your answers at age 50. Some may be the same, but those are not the ones to spend time on. The ones that deserve your attention are the questions that, for whatever reason, have a different meaning for you at a different stage of your life. Circumstances change. Knowledge changes. People change. Attitudes change. Everything that is impacting your life is changing—every day.

The answers to your career answers at age 24 may vary greatly when you are 58. Your relationship answers when you are single and dating might change dramatically when you are 35, married, and have three children.

Many of the questions in in your life will determine your future outcomes and consequences and then their corresponding questions at that new time in your life. Choosing wisely is one of the most important aspects of your life. Choosing: your relationships, your career, your beliefs, your morals, your attitudes, and everything in between. For example:

- How do you feel about yourself right now?
- Can you accept yourself for who you are right now?
- What is your attitude about failure? Adversity? Problems?

If you want better answers to life’s questions, it is important to ask yourself the right questions. It is critical that you listen carefully to the answers and it is vital that you act on what you hear. There are two ways to live your life: you can lead with your mind or intellect and let your heart follow or you can lead with your heart and let your mind and intellect follow. Which do you feel will give your life more peace, harmony, fulfillment, satisfaction and favorable memories? If you said lead with your heart, you are right. Who says so? Deep inside your inner being or soul, you know that when you lead with your mind or intellect, it often leads you astray.

- You may not like some of the answers you get to your questions.
- You may disagree with some of the answers.
- You ego might weave its way into some of your answers.
- You may feel you do not deserve the answer.
- You may be afraid that you can’t comply with some of the answers.
- You may believe that your answers are in conflict with what you believe you want.

In the end you will be the one who either does something with your answer or ignores it completely. You will be the one who takes the action or sits back waiting for a better or more appropriate answer. You will inherit the consequences of whichever road you choose to take.

This is your life. We are not talking here about your parent’s life, your children’s life, your spouse’s life, your boss’s life, or Uncle Billy-Bob’s life. We are talking about YOUR life:

- what you will do with your life,
- what you will get from your life,
- what you will contribute to humankind,
- what your life will ultimately stand for,
- what your legacy will be,
- what you believe,
- what you do with the time you were given,
- what you learn and how you apply what you learn.

Tim Connor, CSP is an internationally renowned sales, management and leadership speaker, trainer and best selling author. Since 1981 he has given over 3500 presentations in 21 countries on a variety of sales, management, leadership and relationship topics. He is the best selling author of over 60 books including; Soft Sell, That’s Life, Peace Of Mind, 91 Challenges Managers Face Today and Your First Year In Sales. He can be reached at, 704-895-1230 or visit his website at

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