Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Law of Attraction and the SGR Program

The Law of Attraction is about putting yourself and your mindset in a space that allows you to be in a position to receive gifts from the universe. By working and thinking in a specific way, you can attract your hearts desires. There are specific steps you can take to allow you to attract anything into your life.

That specific way is known as the "certain way" according to Wallace D. Wattles. Wattles believed there is a particular set of steps one does to create wealth in our lives. These steps involve the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our lives. When they are in line and we act in a "certain way", then it is inevitable that we can receive the riches of the universe.

According to Wattles, it is an abundant universe. We can create the opportunities and the wealth into our lives by directing our thoughts and actions. When we place value on ourselves and the things we do, they will have an economic value to others around us. As long as we can bring value to others at a fair price then it is fair and just that we be compensated for our work.

By working in this "certain way", we can attract wealth into our lives. In other words there is a Science to Getting Rich. That is the the title of Wattles book. It is called the "Science of Getting Rich" (SGR). When Rhonda Byrne found the Science of Getting Rich, it inspired her to create the hugely successful movie, The Secret.

Bob Proctor, star of The Secret and a 40 year student of the Science of Getting Rich, created a home study program called the SGR Program. In it, Bob works through and discusses the science of getting rich in a methodical way through his audio program (10 CD's). Additionally, he challenges us to study the book and fully understand it's content with a comprehensive 180 page workbook. This workbook takes us through each chapter one by one and asks specific questions on our understanding of the text.

This is important because the Science of Getting Rich was written in 1903. While it's contents are still as relevant today as then, the language in the text may be lost on the modern reader. Bob's engaging questions encourage us to think about the book in a way we may not have seen it before. In effect, Bob Proctor expands on the power of the book by getting us to delve deeper into its meaning from our first reading.

That is the power of Bob Proctor. He teaches us to see things more completely and with more clarity. That is a special gift worth exploring.

Jon is a life coach that understands and teaches the Law of Attraction. He provides a holistic attitude to life and wellbeing that encompasses the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of living so that people can have greater peace and control of their lives.

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