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There may be many habits you want to change in life

How To Eliminate Bad Habits By Law Of Attraction

Habit is what we do regularly. We do it for some reason and we are used to it. Not all of the habits are favorable to your life especially your goals. Actually, the reason that people can not succeed in what they pursue is because they can not resist their old habit. Some of the habits, on the contrary, are conducive to what you aim for and you should keep them. This article is about how to eliminate the habits you don't want by using the law of attraction.
Since we have cultivated the bad habits for some time, we also need some time to the process of breaking those habits. A lot of bad habits are accumulated for decades. The good news is that if you persist enough, the change is possible. The law of attraction can be utilized to make the change in habits. Just follow the steps and see how they work.

There are only two types of things in the bad habits that you want to change. They are how you feel and what you behave. These are the two fundamental things that we need to resolve to change. Here are the steps you can do.

1. Decide of what you want to change and write them down.What are the things that you want to change? Write them down. A lot of people can not change because they are not really clear on this point. They will just complain after they have done the terrible habits and bear the bad results of them afterward. Once it's over, they forget the whole thing. And the bad habits keep coming back one in awhile. If you see that these are the habits that you need to change, write them down. Keep the note to your self. You don't have to share it to anybody. But when you write down the problem, you have opened the space between the problems and what you want to be. And that space will be filled with solution.

One of the major elements in the law of attraction is that you need to be clear on your purpose and announce to yourself what you want.

2. Write down your strategy.Once you know what bad habits you want to change, you will need to know your desired habits that you would want to have. Now you need a strategy to get rid of the old habits. Ask yourself first why the old habits are so bad for you. What will happen if you keep having these bad habits? Once you have strong enough reasons, you will have more drives toward your actions. Then, write down how you are going to do with these bad habits. The tip is that you need to break your patterns when you tend to do this stuff again. When you start to do the bad habits, shift your focus to the new habits. Change your pattern immediately. Do not dwell in the condition that will lead you to the old habits. Change what have anchored you to the old habits and go into the new habits immediately.

3. Keep the journal of the change.You need to keep record for reviewing your change. It may not happen overnight but you will see the improvement along the way. If not, you may have to change your approaches. Continuously evaluate yourself will enable you to feel good on the process if you have progress. It will enable you to adjust your approaches if you do not.

4. Visualize until you change.Visualization is the major tool to work with the law of attraction.

You visualize that you perfectly acquire the new habits and practice them every day in front of your inner mind. You feel it as you see it. Regular Visualizationwill attract the circumstances favorable to the new habits. The law of attraction will work to help you change. You may want to add the background audio to your visualization to enhance your attraction power. Attraction Accelerator can be one of your choices.

There may be many habits you want to change in life. This article talks about the steps to be taken to make the change of habits effectively by applying the law of attraction.
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